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Subject: George's TripThis is my first erotic story and it's an actual real story that happened
to me when I was only 13 years old. The names have been changed.George's TripGeorge had just turned 13 and was a very shy kid. Just before school was
out, Georges family decided that the family would go on vacation to the
Middle East for a family visit. Of course George was very excited because
he had cousins he had never met before in his life. Georges dad told him
that he had a cousin about his age that was 6 months younger than he.
George was always very shy around the school locker rooms because guys
would pass naked and he couldn't help himself of looking at them. He never
thought he was gay, but everytime a naked friend would pass by, he'd get a
boner. When Georges dad told him about his cousin, he just couldn't help
being joyful and looking forward to his little trip. School ended and Georges was packing for his family vacation.
Since he was stay there for 2 months, he packed all he could fit in his
bag. When he arrived there, his aunt (on his dad's side) was there to
pick them up. They later arrived at his pedo turk cp
grandmother's house. His whole
family was there: two of his aunts, his 3 uncles, and his cousins (the ones
he knew an the others). Now although he was with his family, he didn't
quite feel at home, without his friends and his sports. While meeting his
cousins, he couldn't help but notice a really cute guy staring at him. when
he finally met this guy, he understood that he was the pedo ilegal pic
cousin that his dad
was speaking of: Bachar. His cousin was about his height 5"4 and he was quite built for a 12
year old. They went to a empty room where they could get to know each
other. While talking to his "new found" cousin, he couldn't help but
getting aroused thinking he was soooo hot. His cousin probably noticed but
didn't pedo woman boy stories
say anything about it. His cousin later found out that sweet pedo nude
George liked
to forbidden petite pedo pics play basketball and invited him to his team practice the day after.
George obviously said sure, what better than to see his cousin sweating? The next day, at 11am, Bachar came to take George to his basketball
practice. Bachar was unbelievably good and very cute to look at. Later on,
Bachar shy pedo challenged George to a one on one game of 7. As they were playing,
they were hot so they incest i pedofilia both took off their shirts. The site of Bachar's
chest was making George child sex pedo underground
breathless...As they were playing, George
accidently touched Bachar's crotch while trying to steal the ball from him:"I'm so sorry," George said."About what?""I just touched your thing by mistake.""You did? I didn't feel anything""Oh, Ok then, I'm sorry anyways.""It's ok, don't worry about it it happens all the pedo pictures free time in basketball, watch
your game!" As Bachar said that, he scored the last point and won the match. Later that evening, the parents of George had told Bachar to come
and sleep over at his grandmother's house, where George and his family
slept. Bachar said sure why not, I'll have a great time spending the night
over. When George found out, he was so excited that he kept telling his
parents to tell Bachar to come earlier. And they did. Bachar came, they
talked and pedo porno child fuck pedo kind handjob
played cards. When sleep time came, the parents had to decide
where everyone would sleep. There were two bed rooms, pedo kind handjob one couch to sleep
on an 6 people to put to bed. Since it's hot in the middle east, and Bachar often was sleeping
outside, he said that he and George could sleep outside on the balcony.
That posibility cleared up everything since George's mom and dad had a
room, his sister had a room, his brother the couch, and pedo incest toons him and his cousin
had the whole balcony to themselves but they would fix one sleeping bag
open so that they wouldn't be on the floor and a cover for IF ever they got
cold during the night. As they prepared for sleep time, George took his shirt off and kept
his short, on the other hand, Bachar took everything off and stayed with
his boxers. While gazing at Bachar's body, George got a hard on so he
jumped in the bed to hide it. Bachar fallowed right after. For Bachar, the
day after there was a basketball practice at 6am so he couldn't sleep late.
They got in the same "bed" and looked at the stars. They then started
talking, little did know, the started to talk about sexual stuff. George on
his free pedophilia 12yo side started to say that he had a girlfriend and he made out a lot with
and Bachar said he didn't have one but something close to it. pedofilia girls sex download
He said that
there was this girl in a swim team and she had something for him. So one
day they decided to go on his building's roof with her and his friend. He
started saying that they did stuff to her and that he went back every
weekend and they'd do stuff. While Bachar was saying that, George realized that Bachar was
"massaging" his cock. He nudism pedo didn't see it but he saw an hand movement on the
cover around the crotch area. Bachar then told George that if he wanted,
this week-end he would bring him on the roof so he could do stuff with the
girl too. George said sure and went to scratch his leg. While getting
there, he ls pedo little girls
"accidently" touched Bachar's boner."Sorry, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to..""It's ok, I was gonna tell you what I was doing anyways""But I didn't do it on purpose.""It's ok, lots of guys `don't do it on purpose.' Many of my friends jackoff
together, it's well accepted by me.""In that case, do you mind if I jack off too?""Yes.""Why?""Cause I won't be doing it instead of you""You want to jack me off?""Lot's of guys suck each other off too, you want to try?""Ok""Wait I'll take my boxers off, ok there, you go first and the I'll go." without hesitating, George went under the cover and looked at
Bachar's prick, It was fully hard, about 5 inches long and kinda thick.
George opened his mouth and kissed the tip of his cousin's cock. he got his
toung out and started licking the cock slowly upwords, he then took it in
his mouth, and sucked it. He was in heaven, this was the first time he was
doing something hesitating, the wamth was unbelivable, it was great, and he
love the feeling of a cock in his mouth. He stoped by kissing it and he got
back to his cousin. He said it was great, so his cousin went to give it a
shot. He kissed George on the lips, and kissed him while going to his
chest. Slowly kissing him downwords. Georges cock was now amazingly
erected and couldn't be any more erect. Bachar opened his lips and took
Georges 5" prick all in his mouth. George was now loving this trip! The
warmth of Bachar's mouth was extremely pleasant and George would've came
for the first time of his life if Bachar hadn't stoped."I want to try something.""Ok. What is it?" replied George."It's gonna be fun. Turn sideway and leave your shorts down." George obeyed and did it. his butt was out and Bachar brought it
more backwards. he then put his warm cock between Georges butt cheeks. He
was trying to find Georges asshole but didn't. He thought he di so he
started humping him. OH what a feeling george felt! at the same time,
Bachar's hand grabbed Georges fully erect cock and started to stoke it.
George the placed his hand on Bachar's ass, squeezed defloration virgins pedo it and whent to the
whole. he played around with it with his fingers and penetrated Bachar's
whole with them. Bachar was now stroking harder and faster and Georges felt
something going up in his cock and he said:"I think I'm gonna cum!""Me too." porn hart pedo And at the same time Bachar humped faster and stroked harder,
while George's finger went as fast, and they both came. Bachar pedo ilegal pic was cuming
Hot loads of cum on George's ass witch made him cum a couple of big shots
on Bachar's hand....Bachar then rough pedo blowjobs took his had and licked it. George told Bachar thanx and kissed him.Bachar replied, "No, thank you. We should do this again tonight" while the
sun started to rise.They got up and George went to take a shower, clean himself up and then,
they were going to leave for Bachar's basket-ball practice.
The EndTell me what you think about his story. Feedbacks are welcomed here's my
e-mail adress:
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